Beginner level. Start having fun in the snow with our instructors.

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The first glides on skis. The first snow games to improve balance and ski management. Learn to brake and make the first few corners. Gradually you will be guided to higher levels in total safety, with the help of our teachers ready to give great advice.

For this first level we recommend 1/2 hour individual lessons or 1/2 hour group lessons.



Snow plow turns on easy slopes.

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Now skiing is no longer a stranger to you. The first curves take place on simple slopes (baby snow park) in order to increase the management of skis and edges more and more. During this level a job is carried out to take you on medium-low difficulty slopes different from the school camp as they are longer and really more fun.

For this level we recommend 1/2 hour individual lessons, 1/2 hour group lessons, or even group lessons lasting 3/6 days for 2/3 hours a day.

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Snow plow turns on medium slopes.

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You are growing more and more in this wonderful sport. Your ski handling has improved a lot and you are getting tired of the snow blower. It’s time to start skiing with parallel skis. Work will be done to achieve this technique and to increase your sense of security. The slopes are also becoming more and more difficult with steeper slopes.

For this level we recommend 1/2 hour individual lessons for more targeted objectives or group lessons so as not to forget the fun with friends.



Curves with parallel skis on easy / medium slopes..

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Your level allows you to easily turn the whole Monterosa Ski without major problems. Ski safely parallel skis with some relapse in the snowplow in moments of ‘panic’ or difficulty. The work to be done with the instructor will be to make parallel skis the most natural skiing mode. Carving and freeride approach activities can always be carried out with due calm and safety. In this case, it is important to use video correction and teaching days to become aware of one’s level.

For this level we recommend individual lessons, group lessons of a few hours, a full day or several days.



Parallel ski curves on medium / difficult level slopes and the first real off-piste experiences.

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We are getting closer and closer to the highest level of skiing. Parallel skiing and slopes of all levels of difficulty are now your daily bread. You need a little more adrenaline to get you in trouble. This is why the work done will be to start you towards controlling the edges with an eye to carving. The speed will increase and curves, such as slopes, will become more and more technical.

For this level we recommend individual lessons, group lessons lasting half a day, one day or several days. It is important to participate in carving lessons to make your technique more modern and fun. In addition, days are organized based on freeride and off-piste technique.



Parallel ski turns with great edge control on any slope and terrain.

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The highest level managed by our school with great attention to all the new ski trends. Your ski and edge control is good and you ski decisively on every slope. For this level of work it will be based mainly on increasing edge control with great attention to carving and the competitive curve. Work will be carried out on freestyle skiing made of jumps and evolutions to increase one’s balance, and on freeride with various levels and various types of snow.

For this level, the most suitable types of lessons are individual lessons to be able to improve specific problems, but also days or half days of lessons to improve your own technique in competition, freestyle or freeride. Days are also held to discover the area and off-piste in our valley. Depending on the period and the snow conditions, off-piste trips can also be organized with the help of a helicopter (heliski).