Frequently asked questions

In this section of the site, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The practice of skiing is recommended for children of about 4 years; however, we do not exclude the possibility of taking the first steps on the snow at the age of 3 exclusively with a 1 hour private lesson.

Lessons are refunded only if the ski area is not accessible, for example when all lifts are closed due to strong winds.

It is certainly true that with one’s own equipment and with the habit that one matures with it, one has more friendly sensations; it is equally true, however, that depending on the use made of it, you can think of renting it to always ensure up-to-date equipment with the latest technologies.

The helmet is mandatory up to the age of 14. However, everyone is advised to use the most important helmet and back protectors. In the Snowpark the helmet is mandatory for all ages.

The Monterosa Ski area is easily accessible from three different valleys: the Ayas Valley, the Gressoney Valley and from Alagna. As for our valley, that of Gressoney, the lifts can be reached from Gressoney la Trinité, where the Punta Jolanda chairlift is located, and from Staffal, the nerve center of the area.

Usually the appointment with the teacher is located in front of our new headquarters at the departure of the cable car but, according to your needs, it is possible to make an appointment at various predetermined points and indicated by our special sign. However, you will always find the place of the appointment described on your slip at the time of booking confirmation.

No, the ski pass can be purchased at the Monterosa spa tills or online (recommended) and for the equipment you can contact the rentals located near the school.